About talentEQ?

Discover your competencies, your talents, explore your soft skills, your EQ

  • Affordable career counseling and coaching especially designed for students, first jobbers and young professionals

  • Individualized services in German and English

  • Flexible time slots and affordable via Video Skype counseling with Viola K. Kraus (Skepeneit) (MA Columbia University),Talent Management Consultant

    Studying without hassle, effective job applications and smooth career start with talentEQ

The talentEQ packages:

Package 1: Professional application training and networking

Professional and effective applications, networking - in German and English:
This service package can support you*

Have you ever thought about…

…how to make my CV and cover letter convincing here and abroad?
…how to be convincing during my Interview?
…how and where should I network to connect with future employers?

With this application package, you get prepared for your next interview .

The package includes
  • CV and cover letter check
  • Establish your brand: Knowing what my strengths and competencies are and how to communicate those
  • 1 x Interviewtraining
only 89,- € *
Package 2: Successful entry into your new job, at home or abroad

Start successfully with your new job - here or abroad:
This Job-Entry Package can make it easier for you*

Have you ever thought about…

…which employer is right for me?
…what are the essential steps during my first 4-8 weeks?

This package can help

The package includes:

  • Employment offer check (attractive salary?), making the decision - accept or don't
  • Avoid the first "beginner traps" and communicate effectively
  • Get to know your company culture and network effectively
only 69,- € *
Package 3: Going abroad–Gaining intercultural competencies

Going abroad – Be ready for this intercultural challenge:
Get trained, get consulted and get coached*

Have you ever thought about…

…how the application process works abroad, how to avoid cultural misunderstandings?
…how to finance your experience abroad?

Begin your journey abroad more relaxed and more knowledgeable about "Dos and Don'ts"

nur 99,- € * The package includes (can be personalized)

  • 2 Coaching session
  • Intercultural coaching
  • Tips for financing your study abroad
only 99,- € *
Additional services: Coaching, CV Quick Check, Consulting

Coaching: Discover your potential, manage stress and design your personal way for success

Individual Coaching only 49,- € *

Your CV – Quick Check : Design and Content

CV Quick Check only 15,- € *

More coaching or counseling
3 sessions for the price of 2 only 98,- € *

Get your package:

Please send me an E-Mail or call, even if you don´t find what you´re exactly searching for. Not all options and possibilities can be shown on this page.

*Prices are inclusive of German VAT. All prices are for students and/or unemployed only. Clients without respective proof are charged double the amount, exclusive of VAT. However, career oaching/counseling invoices can be used for tax deduction purposes. One hour equals 45 minutes and is conducted via Videoskype or over the phone. CV checks are completed via Email. Offers for in person meetings are available.

Package specific information: Package 1: includes 2 coaching sessions, one CV check and additional advise via email; Package 2: includes 2 coaching sessions; Package 3: includes 2 coaching sessions (incl. of intercultural coaching), 2 follow up via email once the client is abroad

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